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GAIMP easily solves business development challenges

  • How often do customers use your app?

    Mobile games involve the audience of Super-app applications, create a habit, increase DAU and Retention. Use people's craving for games.
  • How do you measure user loyalty?

    Games are one of the most affordable and legal antidepressants. Games will wake up sleeping customers, increase the CSI loyalty index.
  • What helps you sell more?

    Accessing games from your app will multiply the time that customers spend in it. Convert a player into a buyer. Use the trend of gamification and the popularity of the super app format to grow your business.

  • Do you prefer ready-made solutions?

    Use the GAIMP service for easy integration of the game portal according to the puzzle principle. Offer customers access to web games right inside the business application and pay for in-app purchases in 2 clicks.
  • Strategies, quizzes, races, or maybe arcade games?

    White label allows you to customize the game portal according to the needs of your business, connect the necessary functionality using the GAIMP API (user authorization, game genres, payment methods, etc.)

GAIMP generates traffic for GameDev studios

  • Traffic

    The owners of Super-app apps are waiting for your games to provide them to their users. Use the potential of the market, stay ahead of competitors, and reduce the cost of the player for your projects.

  • Income

    Monetize your games for the Android platform using the GAIMP SDK to integrate in-app purchases. Subscribers of Tele2 operator can already make purchases in your games in 2 clicks.
  • Promotion

    Publish and update .apk format games (H5 format support is in development). Promote your games through our EYELINE mobile advertising platform

Mobile Games Market

the most growthable in the World
TelecomDaily is await for 2027 only in Russian Federation:
  • 30 millions
    Active mobile game users
  • $60
    Annual purchase for active gamer
  • $1,8 billion
    Annual value of the game market
  • 300 minutes
    User stay in mobile world every day

Russian Federation

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